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Getaway Drivers

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Mushing a dog team to the west side of Denali

Read about the thrills of winter camping with a team of Alaskan huskies and their dog-loving human companions. This nine-day trek followed a group of dog mushers as they traveled with their teams from Lake Minchumina, Alaska, to the west side of Mount McKinley, or, as we Alaskans call it: Denali.

sea kayak adventure sport shuyak kodiak

Paddling Paradise

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Harsh and beautiful Shuyak Island is a sea kayaker's dream

Follow along as two families embark on a weeklong sea-kayaking trip in remote Shuyak Island, at the northernmost tip of the Kodiak Archipelago. Find out why this area is so revered among paddlers as one of Alaska's best-kept paddling secrets.

A Constitution for the Ages

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Early Alaskans form a model for statehood

As part of Alaska magazine's yearlong celebration of Alaska's 50th anniversary, Melissa DeVaughn has helped craft several of its stories in the series "Celebrating 50 Years of Statehood." DeVaughn interviewed the few surviving participants of the Alaska's 55-member Constitutional Convention, to hear what it was like helping to draft such an important document for the state's future.









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